Products used by Wadleigh Painting Company

Wadleigh Painting Co. prefers Kelly-Moore house paint for most exterior house painting. Kelly-Moore is the only paint company that offers stock colors (24). Stock colors tend to hold up better than “mixed” colors and don’t fade as fast. When it’s time for touch up or we need more paint to finish the job the chance of a mismatch are eliminated.

Besides Kelly-Moore making a great paint they also put an ingredient in their paint that has a great stain blocking ability. This can reduce the cost of a paint job by reducing the use of stain blocking primers.

Kelly-Moores #1240 flat

Kelly-Moores #1245 Satin

We understand some of our customers have a preference to use a particular product … no problem! Most paint companies have great products especially if you use the top of the line products. Besides using Kelly-Moore products Wadleigh Painting has accounts at Parker Paints, Sherwin Williams Paints, and Rodda Paints.

Elastomerics A structural paint?

The “elastomerics” are useful when repairing drip edge failure on LP siding. They also have great results when used on cracked out siding. It’s almost like having a “structural” paint. A traditional paint job will crack out just like the wood underneath. The elastomerics will bridge the gaps and stay flexible keeping the paint job from cracking and eventually failing.

We also use elastomerics on hand rails, to smooth out jagged and rough boards, over alligatoring and checked paint, to bridge the gaps on delaminated T-1-11.

Wadleigh Painting will use one of the products below depending on the particular problems associated with your job:

Kelly-Moores Elastokote
Kelly-Moores Kel Seal
Parker Paints Flexbind

Peeling paint

At last … a product that actually works: Peel Stop.

For severely failed and peeling paint Wadleigh Painting likes to use Peel Stop. Since 1970 when I started painting the old “scrape, prime and paint” paint job was all that technology had to offer. The paint jobs could only last so long. That’s because you can never really remove all the old paint. The edges around the old paint eventually “let’ go” under the new paint job resulting in more peeling.

Peel Stop is a thin clear glue that penetrates around the old paint edges literally gluing them down. Once you use Peel Stop the cycle of peeling paint stops. I have never had any failures after using Peel Stop. Since Peel Stop has been on the market we finally have a tool that ends the cycle of peeling paint. I’ve been using Peel Stop since 1990.

Peel Stop

Mildew Killer

For tough mildew situations Wadleigh Painting Co. uses Jomax. It’s also a great detergent for cleaning.



We use White Lightening #3006 acrylic caulk with silicone for most of our caulking needs:

It’s one of the more expensive painter caulks at the paint stores. Over the years it has proved itself to be a superior product.

For LP siding repair on butt joints we use: